Coolers, Refrigerators & Ice Buckets

Keeping drinks cold is easy with a custom cooler, refrigerator or ice bucket from MRL Promotions. Whether your company is looking for a custom designed cooler, refrigerator or ice bucket, or is in the market for an in stock item, MRL Promotions has your company covered. When companies use branded coolers, refrigerators or ice buckets to promote their beverages, they are creating brand visibility and increasing sales. Coolers, refrigerators and ice buckets are a great addition to any bar, restaurant or event.

Our team of expert designers is experienced in providing exclusive and one-of-a-kind designs exactly to your specifications. We can easily customize the refrigerators, coolers and ice buckets to meet any desired size, shape or design. We provide an extensive range of refrigerators, mini fridges, coolers, barrel coolers, countertop coolers, wood barrel coolers, acrylic ice buckets, styrene ice buckets, galvanized ice buckets, beer buckets, and illuminated ice buckets. We never compromise on the quality of our products as our client’s satisfaction is the upmost priority.

MRL Promotions has been designing and manufacturing quality promotional refrigerators, coolers and ice buckets for a variety of clients. All of our coolers, refrigerators and ice buckets are made from high quality materials and high end printing methods, in order to ensure that each cooler is not only beautifully crafted, but durable to withstand use. Browse through our broad range of coolers here; contact us today to work with us on your next cooler project.

  • Dangelico-ice-bucket
  • Custom-wood-barrel-mini-refrigerator
  • Counter-top-cooler-with-backlit-graphics
  • Inflatable-cooler
  • Custom-led-ice-bucket
  • Countertop-led-refrigerator-with-frosted-window
  • Effen-vodka-ice-bucket
  • Icebucket
  • Heineken-ice-bucket
  • Full-color-beer-bucket
  • Custom-sports-cooler
  • Wood-barrel-cooler
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