Wood Back Bar Displays & Bottle Displays

Whether you call it a bottle display, back bar display, bottle glorifier or bottle pedestal, they each serve the same purpose: to spotlight your product and increase sales. Wood bottle displays and back bar displays showcase liquor and beer bottles in an attractive manner that will catch the attention of consumers. MRL Promotions creates beautifully crafted wood bottle displays and bottle glorifiers for a multitude of our clients.

Wood bottle glorifiers and wood bottle displays can be made to meet any specification. All of the wood bottle displays can be made out of a variety of wood types, such as oak, maple, pine or cherry. The wood bottle displays can be made to look more rustic with the natural wood finish or they can be decorated to any color. If you’re looking to showcase more than one bottle, we can easily construct a wood back bar display that holds multiple bottles. MRL Promotions gives our customers full freedom of customization from the style, color, size or shape. Any wood bottle display can also be made into an illuminated bottle glorifier by simply adding an LED light to showcase the product.

MRL Promotions is an industry leader in designing and producing high quality wood bottle displays. We have worked with many satisfied customers in the beer, liquor and wine industries. Contact us today to custom order a wood back bar display or bottle glorifier that is truly unique.

  • Flight-tray-6
  • Wood-bottle-presenter
  • Hill-billy-bottle-glorifier
  • Engraved-wood-bottle-display
  • Custom-whiskey-box
  • Wood-box-bottle-display
  • 7817hillbilly
  • Three-bottle-led-bottle-glorifier
  • 2-woodbottleglorifier
  • 7-woodbottleglorifier
  • 10-woodbottleglorifier
  • 11-woodbottleglorifier
  • Sam-adams-bottle-display
  • Wood-bottle-display
  • Custom-wood-bottle-display
  • Barritts-bottle-pedestal
  • 5l-oak-whiskey-barrel
  • Crown-royal-display
  • Three-bottle-wood-glorifier
  • Captain-morgan-backbar-glorifier
  • Treasure-chest-bottle-glorifier
  • Wine-barrel-display
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