Counter Mats

Counter mats are a great way to use every surface area to promote your company. Counter mats are a point of sale item that is placed directly on the counter where the sales transaction takes place. Counter mats are also referred to as register mats because of their location in a retail store. Companies use promotional counter mats because it targets your audience, generates sales and creates brand awareness. MRL Promotions creates counter mats that are customized to your company specifications and budget.

MRL Promotions offers a wide variety of custom counter mats. Made from vinyl, dye sublimated cloth or high quality card stock, our counter mats are adaptable to suit any design. The most common type of counter mat is the hard surface counter mat. This counter mat is printed directly to plastic and is fitted with a rubber backing. Another option for a counter mat is a see through vinyl mat, which allows the message or sales promotion on the counter mat to be changed whenever necessary. In addition, we can also produce counter mats for bars. These counter mats are made of rubber and are typically use a pour catchall in the service area of a bar. MRL Promotions can create counter mats in any size and shape desired. Our team works with each client to create a counter mat that will effectively market their company.

Trust in MRL Promotions to create counter mats that are eye catching and durable for extended use. Our counter mats are produced to meet any specification and budget. We work closely with our clients to meet all their needs for their counter mat project.

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