Condiment Trays

Garnish centers, fruit trays and condiment holders are used to set up bars service areas to be efficient and organized. Condiment holders and trays are idea to hold drink garnishes such as lemons, limes, cherries and olives. MRL Promotions supplies clients with condiment trays that are attractively made to draw attention, yet durable to withstand daily use. The goal of using branded condiment trays is to promote your company to increase sales.

All of the garnish holders produced by MRL Promotions are expertly tailored to the client’s specification and budget. Our team of designers works closely with each client to assure a condiment tray that is to their need. Since we offer so many different styles, sizes and colors it is easy to find a condiment tray that will satisfy your business requirements. The condiment holders and fruit caddies can be built to accommodate multiple removable compartments and include lid covers. Some styles allow for an ice compartment to keep all the garnishes cool.

MRL Promotions is an industry leader in creating branded and promotional barware and condiment trays for many clients in the beer and liquor industries. Our condiment trays are manufactured from high quality materials and with the latest technology. Contact us to order your next condiment tray project today!

  • Jameson-caddy
  • Maes-table-tent-chalkboard-_-caddy
  • Cuervo-caddie
  • Buchanan's-caddie
  • Libre-tequila-caddie
  • Acrylic-table-top-caddy
  • Powers-whiskey-wood-caddy-3
  • Barcaddy
  • Condiment-tray
  • Ketel-one-condiment-jar
  • Condiment-counter-tray
  • Condiment-tray
  • Custom-aluminum-condiment
  • Custom-condiment-holder
  • Wood-condiment-tray
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