Table Tents

One of the easiest methods of promoting your company is by using a table tent. Table tents sit on bar taps, counter tops, or restaurant tables. Table tents can be used to promote a new liquor flavor, a promotion on beer or a seasonal menu item. Table tents are easily accessible by customers and can be changed periodically depending on what message your company wishes to share.

There are many variations of table tents, which can be used depending on your needs. Depending on the marketing strategy, a company may decide to choose a temporary or permanent table tent. Table tents that are printed on sturdy stock paper can be made into different shapes such as a standard a-frame, standing triangle or a pyramid. A more permanent option is an acrylic or wood table tent. These table tents are great because they work like a picture frame; your company name and logo remain on the table tent and simply switch out the promotional piece inside the table tent whenever need be.

MRL Promotions creates table tents to meet each of our clients’ expectations. We have worked with many clients in the beer and liquor industries. We ensure above average table tents due to our use of high quality materials and high-end printing methods. We never compromise on the quality of our products as our clients’ satisfaction is the upmost priority.

  • Stringbow-table-tent
  • Custom-wood-table-tent
  • Solid-wood-table-tent
  • Corona-table-tent
  • Black-table-tent
  • Wood-table-tent-beer
  • Bottle-table-tent
  • 22169093
  • Ice-cream-table-tent
  • Wood-table-tent
  • Table-tent-acrylic
  • Dark-brown-wood-table-sign
  • Acrylic-table-tent
  • Die-cut-table-tent
  • Custom-table-tent
  • Table-tent-wood
  • Metal-image-table-tent
  • Wood-table-tent
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