Beverage Napkins

Custom made beverage napkins are a great way to add a personalized touch to any occasion. Here at MRL Promotions we can create the perfect beverage napkin for any of our client’s needs. Beverage napkins are made from 2ply or 3ply facial grade quality paper, guaranteed to be soft and absorbent. All of our beverage napkins can be customized by size and color, printed with your name, logo or monogram. Our beverage napkins can be printed with individual spot colors, full color, or foil hot stamp method.

MRL Promotions has years of experience and has provided our prestigious clients the excellent service they desire. With help of our brilliant team, we can help you create your own custom imprinted beverage napkin.

Using the best quality materials and printing techniques, we ensure a one of a kind beverage napkin that will grab your customer’s attention. Our team of experts is equipped and ready to provide assistance on your next imprinted beverage napkin project. To get an idea of the custom made beverage napkins that MRL Promotions can offer, please browse through our portfolio here. MRL Promotions maintains quality standards and offers a tailored solution with competitive pricing. Our beverage napkins can be customized to suit any specifications or budget.

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