Corrugated Displays

Corrugated displays are the perfect way to showcase products to customers. These temporary point of purchase displays are attention grabbing and functional. This makes them perfect for new product launches, sales promotions or simply to make your product stand out from the competition.

MRL Promotions has designed and produced corrugated counter displays, corrugated floor displays, corrugated case stackers, and other corrugated POP displays. We design sturdy, functional and attractive displays that ensure your product will stand out and get noticed by potential customers. We use the highest quality cardboard materials and printing technologies, such as full color litho-label or direct digital imprinting to achieve high-end graphics.

Our goal is always to produce an attractive display while keeping focus on the product that will be displayed. Our team of expert designers works closely with our clients to custom create corrugated displays that are easy to assemble, functional, durable, and will provide high visibility of the product.

Browse through some samples below and contact a team member today to learn more

  • Olay-corrugated-display
  • Cozy-corrugated-display-counter-display
  • Nautica-corrugated-displays-counter-display
  • Panadol-corrugated-display-floor-display
  • Philadelphia-corrugated-display-floor-display
  • Extra-corrugated-display-floor-display
  • Duracell-corrugated-display-floor-display
  • Flixonase-corrugated-display-floor-display
  • Sweet-and-sour-corrugated-display-floor-displays
  • Corrugated-stand
  • Corrugate-display
  • Sam-adams-corrugated-display
  • Skinny-girl-corrugated
  • Shelf-corrugated
  • Tiltdisplay
  • Shelf-display
  • Whiskeydispplay
  • Mahou-pop
  • Mahoubeersoccordisplay
  • Corrugated-display-2
  • Corrugated-display-4
  • Corrugated-display-whiskey
  • Corrugated-display3
  • Corrugatedliquor-display
  • Countertopcorrugated
  • Rumchata-display
  • 1-corrugateddisplay
  • Filthy-foods_corrugate-display
  • Wooddisplayfloor
  • Corrugated-pallet-display
  • Flora-foods_corrugated-floor-food-display
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