Custom Bottle Neckers

MRL Promotions provides creative point of sale solutions through custom bottle neckers to meet the needs of a variety of clients. The ElastiTag® and bottle neckers are popular because of its ability to engage potential buyers, which in turn results in increased sales. We specifically choose high-quality bottle neckers for clients to guarantee that their product beats the competition right off the shelf.

Often misunderstood as rubber bottle neckers, the ElastiTag® is actually latex-free. These point of sale items are premium and professional in appearance, they are built to last, have superior redemption rate and can easily be applied to your product. Thanks to the simplicity of bottle neckers, companies can use them for any occasion. Bottle neckers can be placed around the neck of a liquor bottle with directions to create a cocktail, or it can be used to promote a sale or new product. Bottle neckers are commonly seen in retail settings on items like olive oil, water bottles, liquor bottles, beer bottles, cans, or juices. They are also diverse in their use and a high ROI. These point of sale items can be customized into any shape and size, and can be custom die cut or you can choose from many existing dies. If you are looking for more of a one a one-of-a-kind product, we can spruce it up by using recipes, coupons, or other value add’s to be printed with any graphics or message.

MRL Promotions is an industry leader in providing marketing solutions through bottle neckers, including eco-friendly options as opposed to harmful rubber bottle neckers. We can provide bottle neckers for bottle necks, bottle neck gift with purchase, bottle neck co-packing and string bottle neckers. Our team of designers create unique designs for leading brands and will ensure to provide the same kind of detailed attention to yours. Customize your bottle necker today and increase your sales and brand recognition. MRL Promotions will help you make your vision come true by meeting any specification and budget.

  • Guitar-shaped-neck-tag
  • Printed-bottle-necker
  • Rubber-bottle-neck-tag
  • Foil-printed-rubber-necker
  • Coconut-water-bottle-tag
  • Fishing-lure-bottle-necker
  • Charity-eleasti-tag
  • Barritts-rubber-bottle-necker
  • Custom-shape-bottle-tag-with-elastomer-neck
  • Elestomer-bottle-hanger
  • Rubber-neck-hanger
  • Rubber-bottle-hanger
  • Rubber-bottle-necker
  • Bottle-necker-with-rubber-neck-and-insert
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