Custom Bottle Neckers

Paper bottle neckers are a form of marketing labels made especially for the wine, beer and liquor industries. In addition to the spirits industry, paper bottle neckers are used in other bottled packages or bottle containers, such as soap, detergent, condiments, olive oils, soda, or juice bottles. Paper bottle neckers are an excellent marketing tool that your customers will notice right off the shelf. These are great to advertise special promotions or new flavors of your product.

Paper bottle neckers are usually tags made of card stock, hung over the neck of the bottle. In addition to paper bottle neckers, all of our bottle neckers can be printed on different materials such as paper, vinyl, plastic, and polypropylene. They can also be created in any shape and size by die cutting the bottle neckers. Paper bottle neckers carry information regarding the product and your company. Paper bottle neckers help your product and company stand out on the crowded supermarket or liquor shelves. The more innovative and unique the bottle necker is, the more the product will stand out from the multitude of other products.

MRL Promotions has years of experience in creating paper bottle neckers for many clients. Our team of designers work closely with each client to create paper bottle neckers that will stand out and increase sales. We can produce paper bottle neckers, bottle neck boxes, bottle neck gift with purchase, bottle neck co-packing, and string bottle necker. MRL Promotions can create paper bottle neckers to meet any specifications and budget.

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