Chalkboard Signs

Signs are an effective means of communication between your company and your target audience. Signs demand attention because of their size and readability. The problem with printed signs is that they lack the ability to be modified when necessary. Chalkboards and dry erase boards are a perfect promotional tool because each is easily modified to say what your business wants at any given time. Chalkboards are very popular in bars and restaurants, where specials are constantly changing.

MRL Promotions offers a wide range of chalkboards; our chalkboards can be made into wall signs, A-frame and sidewalk displays, or table tent chalkboards. Using a chalkboard A-Frame or sidewalk sign, quickly and efficiently promotes your business. MRL Promotions is well versed in creating custom chalkboards for any of your business needs. All of the chalkboards can be fitted with either wood, metal or plastic. We can custom build your chalkboard to be illuminated with LED lights or include a digital clock, perfect for dark venues such as bars, restaurants, or night clubs. All of the chalkboards can be made from different wood types; most common are oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut and rosewood. The chalkboards we produce can be customized to meet any shape and size, and printed in any color.

All of the custom chalkboards MRL Promotions designs and manufactures are by far the best on the market. We have been creating chalkboards for years, so we can guarantee our customers the best materials and most unique chalkboards. We work closely with our clients to make a chalkboard that suits their needs, whether it is for a restaurant, retail store, bar, or nightclub. Trust in MRL Promotions to create a chalkboard that is one of kind and meets any budget.

  • Maes-table-tent-chalkboard-_-caddy
  • Absolut-table-tent-chalkboard
  • Stella-table-tent-chalkboard
  • Chivas-regal-table-tent-chalkboard
  • Powers-whiskey-sidewalk-signs-a-frame-signs
  • Wood-frame-chalkboard
  • 9-illuminatedsign
  • A-frame-chalk-sign
  • A-frame-sign-with-chalkboard
  • Chalkboard-for-specials
  • Distressed-a-frame
  • Sidwalk-sign-for-bar-or-restaurant
  • Wood-shipwreck-a-frame
  • Wood-wall-chalkboard-menu
  • Barrelchalkboard
  • Blueborderchalkboard
  • Chalkboardaframe
  • Chalkboardaframewood
  • Chalkboarddigitalclock
  • Chalkboardsign
  • Chalkboardtabletent
  • Customchalkboard
  • Customshapechalkboard
  • Customwoodchalksidewalksign
  • Darkaframesidewalk
  • Framedchalkboard
  • Greensidewalkaframe
  • Imprintchalkboardsign
  • Vaccuumformedsign
  • Woodchalkboardtabletent
  • Woodchalkboardaframe
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