Display Enhancers

Frame your brand with one of our many Display Enhancers or Dealer Loaders. MRL Promotions creates custom point of purchase (POP) and point of sale (POS) items that can capture the feel and purpose of any brand. Display Enhancers can be customized to fit any event or season. Dress your displays for a tropical scene with custom furniture like branded wood serving bars, custom wood lawn chairs, and custom printed patio umbrellas that your clients can take home! You can even dress your display for major sporting events with one of our sports coolers, branded inflatable items, or highly customizable point of purchase (POP) displays. The possibilities are endless with Display Enhancers and our team of experts at MRL Promotions will ensure to make your vision a reality.

MRL Promotions is trusted to deliver custom, high-quality products to a variety of industries at a competitive rate. Fueled by creativity, MRL Promotions provides highly functional Display Enhancers that allow your company to use available space efficiently and enhance the look of your product.

Here at MRL Promotions, we are committed to exceed expectations for your next Display Enhancer.Browse our extensive catalog of Display Enhancers below.

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  • Virginia-distillery-barrel-top-display-enhancer
  • Mahoubeersoccordisplay
  • Custom-sports-cooler
  • Mahou-pop
  • Inflatable-on-premise
  • Full-color-inflatable-costume
  • Bamboo-serving-bar
  • Custom-wood-chair
  • Coconut-inflatable
  • Custom-built-adirondack-chair-(1)
  • Inflatable-for-retail-store
  • Wood-chair
  • Custom-inflatable-couch-with-cup-holder
  • Imprinted-volleyball
  • Outside-umbrella
  • Custom-wood-bbq-station
  • Wood-cart
  • Barrel-shield-display-enhancer
  • Catapult-side-shield-display-enhancer
  • Engraved-suitcase-pop-display-enhancer
  • Crate-wood-chalkboard-enhancer
  • Wood-barrel-furniture
  • Wood-barrel-table
  • Wood-barrel-cooler
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Our vision is to bring to our clients the most creative and innovative products at competitive pricing, while keeping quality and customer satisfaction our #1 priority.

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