Bottle Service Trays

​MRL Promotions is a leading promotional advertising agency offering impeccable service and bar products to our clients. Our bottle service trays are among the most high-quality and durable in the industry. Consumers want a bottle service experience that is elegant and stylish, which is why having a unique bottle service tray is essential. Bottle service trays effectively promote your brand in a nightclub or bar resulting in increased recognition and sales.

All of the bottle service trays offered by MRL Promotions are completely customizable and are tailored to your needs and budget. MRL Promotions designs and produces bottle service trays out of acrylic, wood, or metal, and can be made in any color or size. Bottle Service Trays can include LED illumination and lights to standout in the nightlife setting. Our brilliant team of designers is experienced in handling any bottle service tray request. Our bottle service trays are strategically designed to display your company’s logo and product maximizing visibility to your target audience.

MRL Promotions has been providing premium bottle service trays for years and has had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious liquor and beer brands in the industry. MRL Promotions is known for quality bottle service trays and unparalleled service. We are dedicated to providing our customers the most innovative bottle service trays at the best price.

Please browse through our collection of bottle service trays offered. All of our bottle service trays can be customized to meet your criteria. MRL Promotions ensures our clients with the finest bottle service trays that will promote the brand and attract more customers.

  • Coconut-shot-tray
  • Absolut-elyx-bottle-service-2
  • Absolut-elyx-bottle-service
  • Shot-tray-prototype
  • Custom-acrylic-tray
  • Elite-vodka-tray
  • Baileys-light-up-cake-shot-display
  • Buchanans-light-up-shot-tray
  • Stoli-serving-tray
  • Bunhanans-bottle-glorifier
  • Smirnoff-mixer-and-shot-tray
  • Acrylic-shot-glass-tray-with-aluminum-shaker-and-branding-face-plates
  • Bullet-shot-glass-tray
  • Clear-acrylic-bottle-service-tray-with-bottle-pourer
  • Custom-acrylic-bottle-service-tray-with-led-bottle-glorifier
  • Custom-shot-glass-tray-with-shaker
  • Frosted-bottle-tray
  • Led-bottle-service-tray-with-carafes-and-ice-bucket
  • Metal-bottle-service-tray-with-barware
  • Shot-glass-tray-with-shaker-in-middle
  • Shot-glass-tray
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