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Promotional Bags


Bags are a great way to distribute your brand right to the hands of your target audience. Give your brand the attention it deserves with high utility and high-quality items like promotional backpacks, drawstring bags, duffels, lunch bags, totes, briefcases, and retail bags. Whether printed on non-woven bags, cotton canvas bags, burlap bags, or leather MRL Promotions can produce it all. As an expert in creating custom promotional bags, we use this effective passive style of advertising to spread information about your business and create brand awareness.

To effectively promote products and services to target audiences it is imperative for companies to adopt unique marketing strategies. It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to promote themselves with promotional giveaways, known as ad specialties. Many of the common ad specialties include pens, journals, coasters, USB drives, keychains, and mugs, to name a few. However, one of the best options for a giveaway item is the custom cut and sew bag. Custom cut and sew bags are useful to the customer and will get your brand noticed; these cut and sew bags are a great promotional tool as well as a perfect carrying solution.

MRL Promotions offers varieties of different custom cut and sew bags. What makes custom cut and sew bags so impressive is that they are easily customized to meet any graphic, logo, or company design. Our team of expert designers will create a specially designed custom cut and sew bag per whatever the requirements may be. All of our custom cut and sew bags are available in different sizes, styles, and of course any design. MRL Promotions offers only the best custom cut and sew bags, which are made of quality materials, such as cotton, canvas, polyester, nylon, non-woven polypropylene or leather. Different cut and sew bags include totes, drawstring bags, duffel bags, travel bags, messenger bags, cooler bags, lunch boxes, tech bags, and briefcases.

We have years of experience in fabricating custom cut and sew bags for many of our diverse clientele. MRL Promotions understands that each client has distinct needs, which is why we are equipped to cater to all of our clients. We are a renowned promotional advertising agency that is known for our personal approach to meeting our clients’ needs. MRL Promotions sets the bar high, so only the best service is offered and the finest custom cut and sew bags are produced. Our custom cut and sew bags have a quick domestic turn around rate or can be manufactured overseas.

Browse through our collection of custom cut and sew bags offered by MRL Promotions. We offer custom cut and sew bags that are tailored to order and at competitive pricing.

Cooler Bags

MRL Promotions offers high-quality lunch boxes and cooler bags that can be personalized for promotional purposes. You can find our selection of attractive and appealing lunch boxes and cooler bags here. All of our cooler bags and lunch boxes are perfect for any occasion, such as picnicking, packing lunches, going to the beach or attending a sporting event, all while spreading brand awareness.

All of our cooler bags and lunch boxes are designed and produced in an impressive manner that will stand apart from the crowd. Cooler bags and lunch boxes are a great promotional tool because of their low cost to produce and high usability by consumers. MRL Promotions cooler bags and lunch boxes are perfectly insulated, made from the highest quality materials.

The cooler bags and lunch boxes produced by MRL Promotions are made with great precision and clarity. We strive to satisfy our customers with any of their specifications for their cooler bags and lunch boxes. MRL Promotions creates cooler bags and lunch boxes that are innovative, creative, and unique. We pledge to exceed any expectations our customers have for their cooler bags and lunch boxes. Investing in using cooler bags and lunch boxes as a promotional tool is a clever way to promote your company and stand apart from the rest of the competition.

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