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Keychains & Lanyards

Keychains & Lanyards

Keychains and lanyards serve a purpose for everyday use, whether it is for function or fashion these items are a necessity for connecting your brand to consumers. Keychains and lanyards are meant to keep track of important items such as keys, car fobs, and identification which makes them one the easiest ways to gain traction with new customers because it is something that they will use and see every day. Keychains and lanyards main purpose is to keep track of things, which makes these promotional items ideal for building a solid client foundation because it is something that people won’t easily lose.

At MRL Promotions we have been creating a wide range of promotional giveaway items and all of our keychains and lanyards are designed with our clients and their business in mind.

Metal & Engraved Keychains

Metal key chains are a great promotional item that can be used to achieve effective promotional marketing. Personalized metal keychains for your company can be used as corporate giveaways or freebies and will promote your business to the masses at an event or tradeshow.

Engraved key chains are portable, handy, and are a great way to convey your brand messaging. You can customize a key chain and gift it as a token of appreciation to your customers, clients, relatives, and friends. Personalized key chains can be used as an attractive promotional tool by any company. Key chains act as a mobile advertisement for your company or brand. MRL Promotions can create custom key chains that fit your particular needs in terms of design, shape, size, substrate, and printing.

Most companies use key chains to advertise a company’s products and brand in an economical way. You can personalize your keychain by adding your company’s logo or message on the key chains. Giving away personalized key chains to your clients, employees and prospects will raise the company’s brand and product awareness.

MRL Promotions offers a large range of keychains to meet all your promotional needs. Personalized metal or engraved keychains are a nice way to brand your business with elegance and an effective approach at the same time. Whether you have your company’s logo engraved or screen printed on keychains, you can be sure your company will stand out from the rest. We offer numerous styles of key chains that differ in size, shape, material, design, and color. Key chains can be made of plastic, metal, PVC, wood, fabric, leather, or metal.

MRL Promotions can help you design and create your next personalized key chain whether it is a stock key chain or completely custom. Our professional and creative designers utilize the most innovative approach when creating a custom key chain for your brand. We understand that every client’s requirements are the difference and every detail counts.

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Our vision is to bring to our clients the most creative and innovative products at competitive pricing, while keeping quality and customer satisfaction our #1 priority.

Let us lead you to success.