Standees are a fun and unique promotional tool that is beneficial to your business goals. Standees can be as simple as large self-standing posters or elaborate as a three-dimensional display with moving parts and lights. MRL Promotions produces standees that are great for publicity events, promoting a product or an addition to a point of purchase display.

Typically, standees are made of cardboard that is cut out into any shape or size desired. Common uses for standees include a life-size cardboard cut-out of a celebrity sponsor of your brand. Another great use would be to make a standee replica of a product that your company is launching or promoting; by using a large format product replica will gain attention, increase sales and brand visibility. Standees are an inexpensive promotional tool, which can be used in many different situations.

MRL Promotions creates standees to meet any business need and budget. We pride ourselves in producing one-of-a-kind standees that are built to last. Our team works closely with each client to create a standee that is distinct to their company and brand. Contact us today for a custom made standee from MRL Promotions.

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