Custom Base Wrap

If you’re looking for a basewrap design company to create powerful, compelling and attractive basewraps that will make your product stand out from the crowd, then you can’t go wrong with the basewraps created by MRL Promotions. These can be found here.

MRL Promotions has been creating custom basewraps for numerous clients across various industry verticals for many years now. We understand the importance of a world class quality basewrap for your product. Our team of designers pull out all the stops to give you exactly what you envision and execute with clarity, precision, and quality.

In a market that is saturated with different products in the same category, it might seem an uphill task to differentiate your product from the rest. To make a customer choose your product over others is an art and a science. Even if you have invested in other methods of marketing and advertising, the fact is that when a customer makes an in-store purchase, they most often make a last-minute decision in front of the supermarket shelf after comparing the different products. What gives them the information about the quality of the product and the credibility of the brand behind the product is the basewrap. This is the reason why it is absolutely essential to have basewrap created exclusively for your product that will give it a headstart over others in the same product category.

MRL Promotions creates basewraps using flexographic presses, and digital presses for short run basewrap. Our base wraps and corrugated base wrap come in a variety of sizes and can be perforated to meet any need you require.  These can also be printed on a variety of different materials such as corrugate, paperstock, vinyl, and poly to best suit your product type and budget. No matter the product, you can rest assured that you will get the perfect base wrap that will stand out from MRL Promotions.

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