Custom Mirrors & Globes

​For companies, it is imperative to build brand awareness to their target audience. In a crowded restaurant or bar it can be difficult to stand out against the competition, which is why using a custom mirror, globe or illuminated pub sign is a critical marketing tool.

MRL Promotions is a leading promotional advertising agency that offers unparalleled service and unique POP mirrors and globes. We specialize in providing the most distinct and high quality mirrors and globes that will meet any requirement. All of our mirrors, globes and illuminated pub signs can be custom tailored to any style, shape, design or dimension. Our mirrors can be framed with metal, wood, or vacuum formed plastic. All of the mirrors we offer can be illuminated and specialty printed using various decorating techniques. MRL Promotions offers globes, which are round illuminated light boxes. These globes can be custom printed on acrylic to display any logo or design. Globes are illuminated and attract attention from your target audience.

We offer our clients an incredible and comprehensive range of mirrors and globes at affordable rates. MRL Promotions has years of experience in supplying many of our esteemed clients one-of-a-kind bar mirrors, globes, and illuminated pub signs. We strive to provide our clients with the best point of purchase mirrors and globes in the industry, which will meet and exceed any of their expectations.

Please browse through our selection of mirrors and globes here. Contact us today to start the process of customizing your own mirror or globe.

  • Blue-ribbon-pub-sign-signage
  • Captain-morgan-skeleton-back-lit-mirror
  • Lagunitas-brewing-pub-sign-signage
  • Custom-alluminum-wall-mirror
  • Custom-thick-frame-backlit-mirror
  • Stella-pub-sign-signage
  • Custom-wood-frame-mirror
  • Brampton-pub-sign-signage
  • Bacardi-pub-sign-signage
  • Custom-mirror
  • Bodingtons-pub-sign-signage
  • Pop-mirror
  • High-&-mighty-pub-sign-signage
  • Mirror-in-frame-with-logo
  • Publight
  • Globe
  • Wall-globe
  • Pub-sign
  • 1-illuminatedsign
  • 2-illuminatedsign
  • Illuminatedglobe
  • Pubglobe
  • Custom-mirrors
  • Illuminated-globe
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