Neon, LED, Illuminated Signs

​Neon signs, LED signs, & illuminated signs are an imperative element in a successful marketing and advertising campaign. These neon, LED and illuminated signs shed a light on your company, distinguishing it from the rest of the competitors. Neon signs and LED signs are a smart, cost-effective way to promote your company and shed some light on your brand. By using a neon, LED or illuminated sign, whether the sign is inside or outside your brand will be visible at all times.

MRL Promotions can create the right neon sign, LED sign or illuminated sign that will meet all of our customer’s specific needs. Our team of experienced and proficient designers works with our clients to ensure that the neon, LED or illuminated sign is exactly what our client was envisioning. Our client’s satisfaction is of the upmost importance. MRL Promotions utilizes the highest quality materials and technology to create a sturdy and unique neon, LED or illuminated sign. Our neon, LED & illuminated signs can be manufactured out of acrylic, vacuum formed plastic, metal or wood. We also offer a variety of illuminated light boxes to suit any needs.

We have years of experience in manufacturing neon, LED & illuminated sign for many of our esteemed clients. We are committed to delivering out clients only the best neon, LED & illuminated signs. MRL Promotions is well known for our impeccable service and superior neon, LED & illuminated signs. Need a neon clock or moving parts? We’ve got you covered.

MRL Promotions understands that each client comes with their own unique needs and expectations, which is why we always remain equipped to meet those needs and expectations. You can browse through the extensive range of the Neon, LED, & Illuminated Signs we have manufactured for our clients on this page.

  • Tx-illuminated-sign-signage
  • Gister-neon-sign-signage
  • Martini-neon-sign-signage
  • Coors-light-lightbox-signage
  • Budweiser-neon-sign-signage
  • Utenos-illuminated-signs-signage
  • Light-box
  • 7843kombrewcha
  • 4-illuminatedsign
  • 6-illuminatedsign
  • 8-illuminatedsign
  • 9-illuminatedsign
  • 10-illuminatedsign
  • 11-illuminatedsign
  • 12-illuminatedsigns
  • 13-illuminatedsign
  • 16-illuminatedsign
  • 15-illuminatedsign
  • 17-illuminatedsign
  • 14-illuminatedsign
  • 18-illuminatedsign
  • 21-illuminatedsign
  • 20-illuminatedsign
  • 17-illuminated-sign
  • 6625b
  • Custom-neon-sign
  • Stolen-rum-light-up-display
  • Backlit-sign
  • Led-signs
  • Neon-beer-sign
  • Neon-retail-sign
  • Neon-sign
  • Neon-wall-sign
  • Vacuum-formed-led-sign
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