Vacuum Formed and Plastic Signs

Communicating with your audience is the most direct way to grab their attention and increase your sales. Companies often use signs as means of communication because of their effectiveness. MRL Promotions creates vacuum formed and plastic signs for many clients. Vacuum formed and plastic signs are great for outdoor use and indoor use; they provide high visibility at a low price point. Oftentimes, vacuum formed and plastic signs are used for lettering, logos, custom shapes, and in maximum impact locations.

Vacuum formed and plastic signs are referred to as flat faces, pan faces, pan embossed/debossed faces or custom pan faces. Vacuum forming is a method where plastic sheets are molded to form a plastic pan face. Embossing can add an additional dimension to the lettering or graphics. Once the sign has been molded, it is then painted or digitally printed on according to the client’s request. Materials used are polycarbonate, acrylic and impact acrylic, which work best for outdoor use. Vacuum formed signs can be produced to be illuminated, hollow, double sided or single sided. MRL Promotions offers our clients the ability for optimal customization on any vacuum formed sign or plastic sign.

MRL Promotions creates vacuum formed and plastic signs that are guaranteed to stand out. Our vacuum formed signs and plastic signs are made from high quality materials, which are proven to last. We are proud to provide excellent products and superior service. MRL Promotions is an industry leader in designing and producing vacuum formed signs and plastic signs. Contact us today to custom order a vacuum formed sign and plastic sign for your business.

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