Custom Flight Trays

​Flight trays have risen in popularity at nightclubs, bars, and restaurants with the emergence of craft breweries and craft whisky. Customers enjoy flight trays to taste a variety of beer, wine or liquor. Using flight trays as a sampling tray is also used for mini martinis or even juice shots. Custom flight trays have also becoming very popular in the craft beer scene, allowing customers to sample flights of different craft beer. Since flight trays can be used for many functions, it is important to have a flight tray that can be custom ordered to your exact needs.

MRL Promotions provides an assortment of trendy and high-quality flight trays that can differ to meet any style, size, design or material. Our flight trays can be manufactured from wood, acrylic and even metal, and easily imprinted with your company’s logo. MRL Promotions is a leading promotional advertising agency that specializes in designing and customizing flight trays. We have produced exceptional flight trays for many of our prestigious clients. We are committed to providing our customers with distinct flight trays that will help their brand stand out.

Our brilliant team of designers has the experience and expertise to provide our customers with flight trays made to their exact specifications. We are focused on creating the best flight trays on the market, by paying attention to detail and using only the highest quality materials. To browse through some of the flight trays MRL Promotions has produced, please click here. All of our flight trays can be custom ordered to suit any requirements and budget.

  • Flight-tray-7
  • Flight-tray-8
  • Flight-tray-9
  • Wood-flight-tray
  • Wood-flight-tray
  • Wood-flight-tray-4
  • Flight-tray
  • Wood-flight-tray-3
  • Wood-flight-tray-2
  • Devils-backbone-flight-tray
  • Ski-shot
  • Whiskey-shotskis
  • Shotskis
  • Wood-tea-light
  • Captain-morgan-shotski
  • Custom-circular-flight-tray
  • Wood-skull-flight-board
  • Wood-paddle-flight-tray
  • Flight-tray
  • Afrohead-shot-board
  • Crown-royal-shot-display
  • 5175b
  • Wood-flight-tray-b
  • Wood-rocks-glass-flight-tray
  • Whiskeytray
  • Crownroyalflighttray
  • Engravedwoodflighttray
  • Blackwoodpaddle
  • Engravedtray
  • Woodtraymetalplate
  • Woodflighttraywhole
  • Woodflighttraychalkboard
  • Woodflighthandles
  • Shotglasstray
  • Don-julio-flight-paddle
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