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Bar Rails & Service Mats

Bar Rail Mats

Spills at the bar are guaranteed, which is why bar rail mats are the perfect solution to protect the bar’s surface and avoid a mess. MRL Promotions is a renowned company providing its customers with top-quality bar rail mats. These bar rail mats are widely used in bars and restaurants, as well as for sampling and off-premise events. Imprinted with your company’s logo, bar rail mats prove to be a long-lasting and brilliant product that will remind customers of your brand.

Bar rail mats are an excellent and innovative promotional product that brand your company and reach customers. It is important to stand out from the rest in order to grab your customer’s attention and bar rails mats are one way to do so. MRL Promotions can help in designing and manufacturing a distinctive and extraordinary bar rail mat with the utmost quality.

MRL Promotions has vast experience and a team of designers who have the expertise to provide unique bar rail mats that will catch the consumer’s attention. Bar rail mats are manufactured from thick, heavy rubber and can be molded into different sizes with a logo or custom design for promotional use. Bar Rail Mats and Bar Mats grip wet glassware to prevent spills and protect the bar’s surface. MRL Promotions has designed and manufactured bar rail mats for clients worldwide. MRL Promotions offers the best quality and customized bar rail mats for promoting your brand and attracting customers.