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Metal Display Cases, Floor Displays, Liquor Racks, & More!

Metal displays are highly effective at casting a spotlight on the product you want to feature, whether it is beer, wine, or spirits. Your customers will not be able to help but notice the items you choose to showcase, whether you opt for a metal floor display or a metal counter display. Plus, these promotional tools add real value without taking up precious shelf space.
Drawing customers’ attention to featured products is an important marketing tool, so choosing the right type of display is key to helping you achieve your sales goals.
When it comes to beverage display racks, you have choices: cardboard display stands, corrugated and metal displays, as well as stands and racks made of other materials, including acrylic and wood. While corrugated displays are sturdier than regular cardboard displays, metal displays are more durable than both of these. They are well-suited to holding large, heavy glass bottles, beverage containers or cases.

Metal Display Ideas
Narrow metal display stands are perfect for showcasing 1.75-ml. bottles. Wider POP metal displays — whether countertop or floor style — are great for setting a scene, such as a small tray with glasses and bottles of spirits and mixers.
If you have such a scene in mind, we can create a custom display rack that brings your idea to life. Or, if you need help coming up with ideas for your metal display rack, we can do that for you as well. Our designers can create a display unique to your store. Your customers will remember it and associate that product with you. The more clever and memorable the display is, the more successful it will be.

Multi-Use Racks
One great aspect of metal displays is that the racks are extremely durable and can be reused again and again. Features and backgrounds can be changed and customized for each use, which makes for a truly dynamic product. Choose from aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel to match your expectations and objectives.
For example, your metal display rack could feature margaritas and a bottle of tequila against a backdrop of a beach at sunset, then later in the year showcase glasses of eggnog with a holiday theme. We can even add extra eye-catching effects to your metal display such as lighting or motion.
Whether you want stackers, case bins or pallet displays, you can continually repurpose your racks, and you can even disassemble and store them to make room for different temporary features.

Solutions from MRL Promotions

MRL Promotions produces impressive and creative metal displays for many of our prestigious clients. We are the leading manufacturer of metal displays with the ability to offer customized solutions for any of your display requirements.

At MRL Promotions we have a team of brilliant designers who have years of experience and expertise that will meet your metal display needs consistently and accurately. We understand that a poorly designed and constructed metal display will decrease potential sales. An attractive and well-made metal display will grab the attention of the consumer. Let MRL Promotions design and produce an excellent metal display that will increase sales and ensure success.

We provide one-of-a-kind metal displays that are created by our team of experts to meet any of our client’s specifications. MRL Promotions uses cutting-edge technology and the best quality materials to manufacture the perfect metal display. Our metal displays can be made of carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, wire or rod, or sheet metal. By working with MRL Promotions, our clients receive custom metal displays at a pocket-friendly rate.

Make an impact on your customers with traditional or custom metal displays from MRL Promotions. Contact us to find out more about how our point-of-sale displays can help grab customers’ attention and boost your sales.