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Value-Added Packaging Design & Beverage Packaging Design

Value Added Packaging

Value-added packing, or VAP, is one of the most effective ways to increase product sales in the highly competitive retail environment. As much as consumers buy products, they buy products based on their packaging. You can add value to virtually any product – in either the B2C or B2B space – by taking a creative and engaging approach to how it is presented. MRL Promotions specializes in helping our customers get more sales and increase brand loyalty. When you trust us to help you with the design and production of your product packing, you will see the difference in your bottom line.

What Is Value-Added Packaging?

When you add value to your product with promotional packaging or a gift with purchase, you tap into the mentality of today’s consumer. Consumers take a “what have you done for me lately?” approach when making purchasing decisions. VAP lets you make a deal with your prospects – they give your product a try and, in return, they get something that has value to them. Some of the most common examples of VAP are holiday-themed liquor gift packages. The consumer buys a bottle of wine or spirits and gets a free set of shot glasses. They buy two pounds of specialty coffee and get a set of branded mugs.

Another popular application of VAP can be found in the perfume and cosmetics industry. If a customer buys a particular product or collection, they get a free travel makeup bag. You can also add value to your product packaging itself. Doesn’t your mother or grandmother keep her sewing supplies in a branded holiday cookie tin? You can apply this approach to virtually any type of product.

How to Use Value-Added & Promotional Packaging

Although you can use promotional packaging any time and for any purpose, we find this approach to be especially effective for seasonal products and special promotions. You can also create demand by offering limited editions and collectibles. New products are also a great application of VAP. Creative packaging that includes a valuable gift with purchase can sway consumers away from competing brands and enhance their loyalty to your brand. When you brand your VAP or gift with purchase item, you put an enduring symbol of your product into the consumer’s hand. This can provide you with long-term value and increased engagement.

Increase your chances to gain new customers with value-added packaging. MRL Promotions produces beautiful value-add packs that will ensure your product is chosen over the competition. The more innovative and unique the VAP box, the more the product will stand out from the multitude of other products on the shelf. Make your customers feel appreciated for being loyal to your brand by giving them a little extra like custom glassware, cocktail shaker, or a new product sample. Value add-packs are a great strategic way to promote your brand and products whether for a sales promotion or the holidays. Our designers work diligently with our clients to provide the best solutions for their products through value-added packaging. VAP boxes can be custom designed to any shape and printed with any color or graphic. MRL Promotions has created unique VAP solutions for leading brands all over the world as well as local brands.

Your Value-Added Packaging Design Experts

MRL Promotions specializes in the custom design and production of all types of promotional products. Despite what you might believe, custom packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. We will work closely with you to create a concept that achieves your goals while staying within your budget constraints. Check out some of our work above, and let us impress you and exceed your expectations with your next VAP project. Contact us today!

Liquor, Wine, Beer & Other Beverage Packaging Design

Beverage, wine and liquor packaging from MRL Promotions adds value to your brand and your products. Our products help you increase sales and customer engagement and provide a consistently high return on investment (ROI). Creating the right first impression will have your prospects reaching for your products on the shelves – and reaching past the competition’s offerings. We understand that effective packaging is about more than good design and a clear message. You need to ensure that your beer, wine or spirits stand out in a crowd – and that’s what our value-added packaging designs do for you.

Create the Right First Impression with Liquor Packaging

What do you want your products to say to prospects and customers? Whatever that message may be, our packaging designs will make sure it comes through loud and clear. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers form opinions in only a second or two – often less. You can have the highest quality product on the market but, unless the packing sends the right message, no one will ever have a chance to experience it. Liquor consumers DO just books (bottles) by their covers. Make sure yours is sending the right signals.

How to Use Liquor Packaging

You understand the concept of branding and how critical it is in the highly competitive retail liquor market. But branding goes beyond your company name and logo – you also have to brand your products. Use custom packaging to speak to your target customers. If you’re shooting for the younger, hipper market, packaging can present your product as handmade, artisanal or small batch. If your preferred customer comes from the luxury market, we can create packaging that conveys a premium product, such as a satin-lined box with foil embossing. Many customers implement new or special packaging for limited edition or special occasion products. This approach is especially effective for creating demand and increasing sales.

Custom Liquor Packaging Design & Production

MRL Promotions provides full-service promotional product design and fabrication. We can work with your production-ready design if you have one. If you don’t, our brilliant design team can work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. We offer a virtually unlimited array of materials for you to choose from, ranging from the most basic cardboard to metals, wood, plastics and high-tech polymers. Crates, baskets, boxes, bags, cartons, cans, cases, tubes, wraps and more – we can make it for you, whatever your vision may be. For the best promotional products and liquor packaging in the industry, trust our team of experts. We handle every aspect of your design and fabrication. This keeps our quality high and our prices low. Contact MRL Promotions today to learn more about how we can put your beer, wine or spirits on the map with custom liquor packaging.

Custom Bottle Neckers

Bottle neckers are often the most important point of sale differentiation between one product and another. Even if you have spent thousands of dollars and more on promotional marketing, advertisements, and other forms of marketing for your product, none of this will matter to the customer who is making an on-the-spot decision of which product to buy in a supermarket or liquor store. At that point, the only thing that matters to the customer is how attractively a product is packaged and what kind of image it exudes, it’s credibility and attractive branding. This is why you need world-class quality bottle neckers by MRL Promotions. MRL Promotions is equipped with the right talent and technology to create the perfect bottle necker for your product. These are created to attract interest and are built to last. They can also be printed on different materials such as paper, vinyl, plastic, and polypropylene. They can also be created in any shape and size by die cutting the bottle neckers. MRL Promotions produces rubber bottle neckers, bottleneck boxes, bottleneck gift with purchase, bottleneck co-packing, and string bottle neckers.

Hitchhikers & On-Packs

Give customers a little extra with a custom made hitchhiker, dog bone or on-pack. Bottle Necker powered by MRL Promotions is an industry leader in designing and providing hitchhikers, dog bones and on-packs with the ability to offer customized solutions to meet any of your requirements. The more innovative and unique the hitchhiker, dog bone or on-packs, the more the product will stand out from the multitude of other products on the shelf. Hitchhikers, dog bones and on-packs are a creative point of sale format that will ensure your brand is chosen over the competition by giving your customers a little gift as a thank you for choosing your brand. The designers at MRL Promotions are passionate about creating unique and creative solutions for your on-pack or hitchhiker designs. We’ll ensure to make any product stand out and connect with the consumer. Our hitchhikers and bottle on-pack will surely weigh in your favor when the customer has to make a decision about which product to buy. Enhance your chances on the shelf. MRL Promotions is equipped with the right talent and technology to create the perfect enhancement product for you. MRL Promotions can create these point-of-sale items in any shape or size. Let Bottle Necker impress you with our attention to detail and excellent customer service. Contact us today!