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Custom Barware & On-Premise Promo Items

MRL Promotions is an industry leader in providing impeccable barware products to our clients. In any bar, restaurant, or nightclub, barware is necessary to craft cocktails or serve beverages. Promoting your liquor, beer, or wine company on barware is a great way to market your company.

Custom Barware

Custom made barware and accessory items include cocktail spoons, cocktail shakers, cocktail strainers, jiggers, muddlers, pitchers and drink dispensers, and cutting boards. All of the items can be imprinted with your company logo or custom message. Utilizing barware as sales promotion increases your visibility and brand exposure. Customers are likely to choose your product or company if they are exposed to custom promotional items. If your liquor brand is releasing a new flavor, then having custom promotional etched glassware will induce sales. Custom barware kits also raise brand awareness amongst bartenders.

We have been creating custom barware and accessories for many respectable clients in the beer, wine, and liquor industry. Our clients trust us to create unique and innovative barware solutions for their company. Our team works closely with our clients to create the perfect barware sales promotion products made especially for your company needs.


Custom coasters are perfect for enhancing any occasion or event. Bar Coasters or pulpboard coasters are a great, inexpensive tool for liquor, bar, or wine companies. Bar coasters easily spread brand awareness, while absorbing the moisture off the glass or bottle. Bar coasters are made of pulp board that is either 40 pt, 60 pt, or 80 pt in thickness. MRL Promotions provides a wide range of pulpboard coasters that are ready to print to your specifications. Coasters are a functional and stylish means of accommodating drinks, perfect for any customer or guest. Additionally, coasters prove to be a great choice as a corporate gift or promotional freebie. Most corporate freebies or giveaway items feature coasters that are made of glass, stainless steel, bonded leather, cork, ceramic, wood, or acrylic. Customized coasters are a great promotional tool as it ensures maximum visibility for your company to the audience.

Napkin Caddies & Garnish Trays

Custom made napkin caddies are a great way to add a personalized touch to any occasion. Here at MRL Promotions, we can create the perfect caddy for any of our client’s needs. Caddies and garnish trays can be made from wood, plastic, or metal, guaranteed quality. All napkin caddies and garnish trays can be customized by size and color, printed with your name, logo or monogram.

Flight Trays & Serving Trays

Present your craft whiskey, craft beer, wine, or other beverage products on a high-quality flight tray custom made for your company. MRL Promotions specializes in creating one-of-a-kind POS items that are specially designed to increase brand awareness. We offer a significant amount of wood, metal, and acrylic flight trays that can be produced to any shape or size. MRL Promotions is a leading promotional advertising agency that designs and manufactures flight trays all at competitive prices.

Serve and display your product in style. MRL Promotions design and produce serving trays to meet any specification. Whether it is for a high-end bar or casual atmosphere, we are here to help. MRL Promotions is sure to deliver a beautiful custom designed Serving Tray at a competitive price. All serving trays can be produced out of acrylic, wood, or metal and can be made to any shape or size. Let our team of experts help you with your next serving tray project.

Tap Handles

An attractive and creative custom tap handle is a great way to make your company stand out against the many other beer companies behind the bar. Enhancing your brand’s visibility with a custom tap handle will undoubtedly create brand awareness, resulting in increased revenue. MRL Promotions is a leader in creating custom tap handles that meet any specifications. Tap handles can be made of resin, wood, acrylic, ceramic, polyurethane, or epoxy. MRL Promotions can custom design a tap handle in any shape, size, design, or color. Contact us today to order your custom tap handle.

Bar Mats

Bar rail mats are widely used in bars and restaurants, as well as for sampling and off-premise events. Imprinted with your company’s logo, bar rail mats prove to be a long-lasting and brilliant product that will create brand awareness. Our bar rail mats are manufactured from thick, heavy rubber and can be molded into different sizes with a logo of custom design. MRL Promotions can produce the bar rail mat you have always envisioned.

Service mats are an essential item at any bar, restaurant or nightclub, they are an excellent and innovative promotional product that will help your company reach customers. MRL Promotions produces service mats that are made of heavy rubber which can be molded into different sizes and imprinted with any custom logo design. Contact MRL Promotions today, so we can create unique bar mats beyond any expectations.

Shot Dispenser Machines

Pour the right amount every time with a high-quality custom Shot Dispenser. These automated liquor pourers are highly portable and can eliminate any over-pours or spills. Liquor Dispenser Machines are user-friendly and highly customizable. MRL Promotions can slickly wrap these shot dispensers with your brand, logo, or meet any custom specifications. Shot Chiller Machines can be beautifully displayed in the back bar as a decorative piece that will bring your bar to life. Make your bar clean and uncluttered with one of our Shot Dispenser Machines. These portable double-tank Liquor Chiller Dispensers serve drinks at perfect refreshing temperatures and are great for entertaining. Cut down on liquor costs by accurately pouring every time. Improve the quality of your drinks by pouring exact portions and have customers come back for more exceptional drinks.

Patio Umbrellas
Patio umbrellas are a great addition to any outdoor event, restaurant, and hotel or as an addition to a point of purchase display. Umbrellas are great because of how practical they are, but also are a great tool in the promotion of your brand or business. MRL Promotions creates custom umbrellas to meet any specification or budget.
There are many types of umbrellas to choose from when deciding to custom order an umbrella from MRL Promotions. Different styles of umbrellas include market umbrellas, wood umbrellas, patio umbrellas, offset umbrellas, and beach umbrellas. Our team of experts works closely with each client in order to help them choose which umbrella that will work best for their business needs. All of our umbrellas can be customized to any size and color and can be imprinted with your logo or custom design. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality umbrellas at affordable costs.
MRL Promotions creates distinct umbrellas that will get noticed in any event. By choosing to advertise your brand or business with one of our customized umbrellas, you are setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Trust in MRL Promotions to create a beautiful, high-quality umbrella for your company. Contact us today!