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Custom Point-of-Purchase Displays

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

POP displays – aka point-of-purchase – can help you achieve your loftiest sales and business goals. Customized displays draw the attention of prospects and customers alike, allowing you to put their focus where you want it. Designed to drive behavior and capitalize on brand identity, POP and POS displays are perfect for virtually any location or product. MRL Promotions assists businesses in the design of custom displays in a virtually endless variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and configurations. Tell us what you hope to achieve and our team of experts will design and fabricate the perfect setup for your needs.

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are an excellent tool for marketing your products or company. Common displays are floor and counter displays, which can be made of wood, acrylic, metal or corrugated cardboard. Wood is commonly used for wine displays. We create POP displays and liquor displays that are corrugated, temporary, semi-permanent or permanent.

Although similar in some ways to POS promotional setups, POP displays are highly effective for driving consumer behavior throughout any retail outlet. These displays also provide an invaluable means of added merchandising. When you offer POP display options, your products don’t have to be tied to linear shelf space and traditional marketing displays. With a point-of-purchase display, you can make selected products truly pop. Do you have a new product to introduce? Are you running a special or promotion? Do you need to increase sales on the fly to meet your goals? Whatever your objectives may be, adding POP setups can get you there.

Custom POP Display Design & Fabrication

Whether you envision your display design to be small or large, temporary or permanent, metal, wood, plastic, or foam board, MRL Promotions can make your concepts a reality. We work closely with our customers to capture the essence of their brand and featured products. We create displays that are as unique as your products yet provide a safe and simple experience for the retailer. If you want to make your POP display pop, we can add motion, LED lighting, and three-dimensional effects. We design and create both temporary and permanent displays of all shapes, sizes, and configurations. If you can envision it, our team of experts can make it a reality. If you don’t yet have a clear concept in mind, let our design team assist you in creating something truly unique and effective. We are experts in consumer behavior and the psychology of marketing. Let us put our experience to work to build your brand and increase your sales. Contact MRL Promotions today to discuss all your POP display needs.

Floor Displays

Floor displays can be made out of corrugated cardboard, acrylic, metal, or wood. Each material provides its advantages to selling your product. Corrugated displays are a popular temporary display; they can be easily assembled and removed when your promotion is over. Acrylic floor displays, metal floor displays, and wood floor displays are more structural, which provide a great permanent fixture. These types of displays include case stackers, case bins, and pallet displays

Metal Display Racks

These POP display options include metal floor displays, metal counter displays, metal racks, metal product displays, metal liquor displays, and metal wire displays. Our metal displays can be made using carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

MRL Promotions produces impressive and creative metal displays for many of our prestigious clients. We are the leading manufacturer of metal displays with the ability to offer customized solutions for any of your display requirements.

At MRL Promotions we have a team of brilliant designers who have years of experience and expertise that will meet your metal display needs consistently and accurately. We understand that a poorly designed and constructed metal display will decrease potential sales. An attractive and well-made metal display will grab the attention of the consumer. Let MRL Promotions design and produce an excellent metal display that will increase sales and ensure success.

We provide one-of-a-kind metal displays that are created by our team of experts to meet any of our client’s specifications. MRL Promotions uses cutting-edge technology and the best quality materials to manufacture the perfect metal display. Our metal displays can be made of carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, wire or rod, or sheet metal. By working with MRL Promotions, our clients receive custom metal displays at a pocket-friendly rate.

MRL Promotions offers a wide range of metal displays that are durable and can be customized to your needs without any problem. We also work diligently to ensure the timely delivery of your product. If you need help selecting the right metal display, our experts can assist you in choosing the most appropriate metal display that will meet all of your needs.

Wood Displays

We design and manufacture premium wood displays such as wood floor displays, wood liquor displays, wood wine racks, wood counter displays, and wood product displays. Our wood displays are ideal for the liquor, wine, and beer industries. We use a combination of functionality and creativity that allows companies to efficiently make use of available space and enhance the look of their stores and products.

MRL Promotions is a leading promotional advertising agency that creates exceptional wood displays for all sorts of purposes. Wood displays help promote your brand and smartly display the product.

Since the start of MRL Promotions we have manufactured numerous customized wood displays for a variety of our clients. We use the perfect combination of functionality and design that allows companies to efficiently make use of available space and enhance the look of their stores and products enormously.

At MRL Promotions you can find an exhaustive range of wood displays at a sensible price. We are committed to meeting and exceeding any expectations our clients may have. Our wood displays are made from solid, natural wood, which is a diverse material that can suit any of your specifications. Our team of skilled designers will help in every step of creating an innovative and customized wood display. MRL Promotions has manufactured wood displays for many of our valued clients from different industry backgrounds, ensuring that the wood display meets each of their specifications.

Plastic Displays
Acrylic displays showcase your product impressively and distinctly. Acrylic displays are a popular choice for retail businesses as they are durable, customizable, and are easy to maintain. A custom acrylic display acts as an effective promotional fixture, making it convenient for customers to find products easily.

These days there is huge competition in the retail market, by choosing to display your product on customized acrylic displays will help separate your product from the others. MRL Promotions offers a wide range of acrylic displays that are custom designed and manufactured to suit our client’s needs. We specialize in manufacturing customized acrylic displays that are fabricated with the top of the line materials and the latest technology.

MRL Promotions offers a significant amount of acrylic displays that can be produced to any size, shape, or size. Our team of expert designers will meet your specifications and customize your acrylic display accordingly. We always strive to provide our clients with high quality, creative and innovative solutions.

MRL Promotions is a leading promotional advertising agency that offers superior acrylic displays at competitive prices. We have manufactured numerous customized acrylic displays for many of our satisfied clients. MRL Promotions is committed to providing service that is a cut above the rest. Customized acrylic displays make an everlasting impression, resulting in increased sales of your product and brand recognition.

Dealer Loaders

If you aren’t using dealer loaders to promote your products, you are missing out on a lucrative opportunity to increase sales and brand loyalty. Promotion-based loaders add value by placing your products in advantageous positions, making them highly visible and pulling prospects’ attention away from your competition. And, when you include a premium that the retailer or distributor gets to keep at the end of the promotion, you deepen the engagement of these critical relationships. MRL Promotions specializes in the design and fabrication of all types of promotional products. Whatever products you seek to promote, we can design a loader that will improve your bottom line and provide a high return on investment (ROI).

How to Use Dealer Loaders

The sky’s the limit for how you can use these customized displays. In the retail setting, loaders provide outlets with additional merchandising space and increase their customers’ engagement with the store. Depending on your design, you can include virtually any type of promotional item for the store to give away – or keep for themselves. Some of the most common premiums are bicycles, barbecue grills, and coolers or ice chests. Our team can design and create a truly unique premium for your promotion, to help increase demand and get your products into the locations where you want to be. To learn how our team can help you grow your brand and increase sales, contact MRL Promotions today to discuss ideas for dealer loaders and other promotional products.

Back Bar Displays

Bottle glorifiers and back bar displays showcase liquor and beer bottles in an attractive manner that will catch the attention of consumers. Manufactured from wood, metal, or acrylic, each bottle glorifier and back bar display can also be LED illuminated to light up and beautifully display the product. MRL Promotions creates unique and creative bottle glorifiers and back bar displays that stand out from the competition. MRL Promotions offers a variety of customizable back bar displays and bottle glorifiers to suit any specifications and budget.