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Corrugated Cardboard & Case Bin Displays

Getting your customers to notice your products is the first step to increasing sales, and the best way to achieve this goal is with cardboard display racks. A cardboard display, corrugated display or case bin display will help you feature rotating selections of merchandise, increase product awareness and boost your bottom line.
Plus, the beauty of a floor or countertop display is that you don’t lose precious shelf space when you want to run a special promotion. Choose the size and type that works best for your store’s configuration.

Cardboard Displays
Because cardboard display boxes and risers are the most economical, you can afford to tailor them to specific campaigns. You can get cardboard displays featuring your area’s football team, the Fourth of July holiday or local recreational spots such as a beach or ski resort.
While cardboard displays are slightly less durable than displays made of stronger materials, depending on the type you choose, how you set it up and the level of traffic typical to your store, it is sometimes possible to pack them away at the end of a season and save them for next year.

Corrugated Displays
Corrugated displays are a bit more rugged than regular cardboard displays. They stand up better to wear and tear, and they can hold heavier products.
You can opt for a tall, narrow display, a tower, or one that elevates a product to bring it closer to eye level. You will be amazed at how much weight a corrugated display can hold. At the same time, it’s paper-based, so it saves you money. You may even choose to buy several in different styles and capacities.

Case Bin Displays
Case bin displays are the perfect way to showcase products such as beer and wine. Created to hold cases, this type of display allows you to keep a large amount of your product handy for your customers in a small space — and the container pitches the product!
Customers having parties will want more than a six-pack of beer or a couple bottles of wine — they’ll want a whole case (or two). Right now, you may just stack cases on the floor. That saves steps back and forth to the stockroom, but it does little in the way of promotion.
A cardboard case bin display helps set the scene for your product — maybe with a barbecue, party, or beach backdrop. Sturdier cases made of wood, acrylic, metal, or other products can hold a selection of singles or wine coolers. A small, compact case bin display at the register can hold nips or even other products such as cigarettes or snacks.

What Displays Can Do for You
Cardboard displays, corrugated displays, and case bin displays allow you the flexibility to feature your selections in new and exciting ways. Contact MRL Promotions today to find out more about what our displays can do for you and your store.