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Glenfiddich Whisky Custom Wood Bottle Glorifier
Fleur de Mer Round Metal Bottle Glorifier
Mortlach LED Bottle Glorifier
818 3 Bottle Metal Glorifier
Whiskey Bottle Wood Display
Custom Metal Bottle Glorifier
Single Bottle Acrylic Display
Acrylic Backlit Bottle Glorifier
Three Bottle Holder Wood Display
Hornitos Wood Bottle Glorifier
Wood Display
Loveton Farms Custom Wood Bottle Glorifier
Plastic Bottle Display

Bottle Glorifiers & Back Bar Displays

Bottle Glorifiers

Bottle glorifiers are the perfect solution when you want to elevate your beer, wine or liquor to a premium level. When customers walk into a bar, restaurant or club, their eyes are naturally drawn to bar – particularly those products that stand out from the dozens of bottles lining the bar shelves. Whether you call them glorifiers, glamorizers, glow lights or just plain, old-fashioned bottle displays, these promotional products do the trick. When you display your products with bottle glorifiers, you speak directly to prospects, increasing brand awareness and sales.

What Is a Bottle Glorifier?

When you work with our team, your liquor displays can be whatever you want them to be. Glorifiers hold and display one or more bottles (or cans or whatever type of container you want to promote) of liquor, wine or beer. Displays are designed to sit in a place of prominence at the bar or club, but they can also be used in the retail setting and for on-site tastings. Many customers take advantage of LED lighting and other materials that help bring attention to their products.

Why Use Bottle Glorifiers?

Like any promotional product, glorifiers get your products noticed – and sold. Creating visibility is imperative in the crowded food and beverage market. Used as a point-of-sale display on or behind the bar, creative and unique displays help capture the impulse of customers ordering drinks. Liquor glorifiers also help you establish the identity of your brand and create consumer loyalty. Custom bottle cradles and displays convey a marketing message that resonates subconsciously with the consumer.

Bottle Glorifier Design & Fabrication

MRL Promotions specializes in the design and production of custom promotional items and materials. Our creative design team will work closely with you to create a truly unique design. Our goal is to help you elevate your brand, engage your customers and ensure your products stand out in any setting. We can assist you with single-bottle displays as well as multiples and display shelving. When you add LED lights to the display, it creates a unique illumination inside the bottle, giving it a distinct appearance and glow. Bottle illuminators are particularly effective in the nightclub setting. You can also use your unique displays for bottle service and VIP areas. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build your brand and exceed your sales goals with LED bottle glorifiers and other promotional products.

Back Bar Displays

Bottle glorifiers and back bar displays showcase liquor and beer bottles in an attractive manner that will catch the attention of consumers. Manufactured from wood, metal or acrylic, each bottle glorifier and back bar display can also be LED illuminated to light up and beautifully display the product. MRL Promotions creates unique and creative bottle glorifiers and back bar displays that stand out from the competition. MRL Promotions offers a variety of customizable back bar displays and bottle glorifiers to suit any specifications and budget.