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Custom Bar Signage

Signage is an essential component of any marketing campaign. Signage is the easiest, most direct form of communication between your company and your target audience. Signs attract the attention of the customer because of their size and readability. Various forms of signage can be used depending on your business needs. MRL Promotions specializes in creating signs for many different uses.

Pool Table Lamps

Pool table lamps are an important element of any game room or bar. Pool table lamps are designed to cast an even light over the pool table surface that helps eliminate any unwanted shadows for a seamless game setting. Manufactured from stained glass or plastic, all of our pool table lamps are custom designed in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. MRL Promotions manufactures affordable pool table lamps that do not compromise on quality. Our ability to customize our pool table lamps for each of our clients is what sets MRL Promotions apart from other promotional advertising agencies. MRL Promotions focuses its efforts on providing our clients with a custom pool table lamp that has been designed beyond any of their expectations.

We have a team of proficient and experienced designers who listen to our client’s specific needs then create a pool table lamp accordingly. All of our pool table lamps are guaranteed to feature vibrant, impressive, and eye-catching designs. Whether you need a single pool table lamp or a number of them, MRL Promotions is able and equipped with all the resources to meet your requirements.


All of the signage created and manufactured by MRL Promotions are made of high-quality materials, guaranteed to last. Our signs are carefully designed by our team of experts specifically per your company needs. Common signage includes clocks, metal signs, and metal tacker signs, wood signs, neon signs, LED and illuminated signs, mirrors, globes, and pool table lamps. Signage is a type of point of purchase, POP signage, and graphics, where your company is directly communicating to your audience your message. Great uses for signs are at any bar or restaurant, office, retail store, or sidewalk. Signage is a very versatile and inexpensive promotional tool.

Neon, LED, & Illuminated Signs

Neon, LED, & illuminated signs are an imperative element in a successful marketing and advertising campaign. These neon, LED, and illuminated signs shed a light on your company, distinguishing it from the rest of the competitors. Neon, LED, and illuminated signs are a smart, cost-effective way to promote your company. By using a neon, LED or illuminated sign, whether the sign is inside or outside your brand will be visible at all times.

MRL Promotions can create the right neon, LED & illuminated sign that will meet any of our customer’s specific needs. Our team of experienced and proficient designers works with our clients to ensure that the neon, LED or illuminated sign is exactly what our client was envisioning. Our client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance. MRL Promotions utilizes the highest quality materials and technology to create a sturdy and unique neon, LED, or illuminated sign. Our neon, LED & illuminated signs can be manufactured out of acrylic, vacuum-formed plastic, metal or wood. We also offer a variety of illuminated lightboxes to suit any needs.

We have years of experience in manufacturing neon, LED & illuminated sign for many of our esteemed clients. We are committed to delivering our clients only the best neon, LED & illuminated signs. MRL Promotions is well known for our impeccable service and superior neon, LED & illuminated signs. We provide affordable neon, LED, & illuminated signs that will stand out from the rest.

MRL Promotions understands that each client comes with their own unique needs and expectations, which is why we always remain equipped to meet those needs and expectations. You can browse through the extensive range of the Neon, LED, & Illuminated Signs we have manufactured for our clients here Contact us today to start the process of customizing your own mirror or globe.

Metal Tacker Signs
Metal signs are an effective means of communication for promotional or advertising needs, which successfully reach your target audience. Metal signs are a great medium to promote your company, product, or service. Metal signs attract the attention of the customer, because of their size and easy to read design. To stand out from the competition, companies must utilize a variety of marketing tools to appeal to a larger audience. A customized metal sign will be noticed, helping your customers identify your brand.
Metal tacker signs are durable and inexpensive means of advertising. Made of aluminum, metal tacker signs grab the attention of your customer quickly and efficiently. Metal tacker signs are lightweight and can be easily customized per any specifications. MRL Promotions is a leading manufacturer of metal tacker signs. With years of experience, our brilliant team of experts can provide our clients with exceptional and impressive metal tacker signs to meet any of their needs.
Our team of designers makes it a priority to design a metal sign that is attractive and functional per your business needs. MRL promotions use the best resources and technology to provide our customers with the top of the line metal signs. All of our metal signs can be produced in a variety of metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum, and can be printed to meet any specification. Decorating techniques include embossing the metal, die-cutting, laser engraving, screen printing, litho printing or digital printing.
We have been designing and manufacturing metal signs for years now at MRL Promotions, which is why our metal signs are the best in the industry. Our clients trust us to produce a metal sign that is durable, innovative, and creative. We offer a wide range of metal signs to meet any requirements and budget, browse through our portfolio here. Call us today to order a custom metal sign that will help your company get noticed.

Wood Signs

MRL Promotions has been creating wood signs since 2004. Our wood signs are designed to meet the specifications of our diverse clientele. Wood signs are a great method of communication between your company and your target audience. The custom wood signs created by MRL Promotions are truly one of a kind. Wood signs can be laser cut to any shape, logo, or message. Wood signs can also be laser engraved or carved to say any message you want to your customers. The custom wood signs can be customized to any finish and color desired. MRL Promotions is proud to offer our clients the best quality wood signs matched with superior service.

A-Frames Displays & Chalkboards

A-Frames and sidewalk displays, or sometimes referred to as sidewalk signs, are a cost-effective way to grab the attention of passersby. A-frames and sidewalk displays effectively convey messages to prospective customers about events, sales, new products, and drink specials. MRL Promotions offers an extensive range of customized A-frames and sidewalk displays. Our A-frames and sidewalk signs can be manufactured to meet any size, design, or material. We offer A-frames and sidewalk signs that can be made into dry erase boards or chalkboards made from plastic, wood, or metal. These A-frames and sidewalk displays are durable and lightweight, which make it easy to transport.

Chalkboards and dry erase boards are a perfect promotional tool because each is easily modified to say what your business wants at any given time. MRL Promotions offers a wide range of chalkboards. Our chalkboards can be made into wall signs, A-frame, or sidewalk displays. Using a chalkboard A-Frame or sidewalk sign quickly and efficiently promotes your business. All of the chalkboards can be fitted with either wood, metal, or plastic. We can custom build your chalkboard to be illuminated with LED lights or include a digital clock, perfect for dark venues such as bars, restaurants, or night clubs. The chalkboards we produce can be customized to meet any shape and size and printed in any color.


Clocks can be found at practically any business, which is why they make such great tools for marketing. MRL Promotions creates clocks to meet any business need. We can make a neon clock that will look great at a bar or we can create a beautiful wood clock for a more traditional look. You can choose a clock that is in stock or custom order a clock to perfectly fit your business and brand. Clocks can be made out of wood, metal, or acrylic, which can either be digital clocks or analog clocks. Illuminated and neon clocks are a great option if you’re looking for something more vibrant. Clocks can also be customized to any shape such as surfboards, barrel heads, or bottle-shaped. Clocks are a very versatile and inexpensive promotional tool.

Mirrors & Globes

For companies, it is imperative to build brand awareness for their target audience. In a crowded restaurant or bar, it can be difficult to stand out against the competition, which is why using a custom mirror, globe or illuminated pub sign is a critical marketing tool.

MRL Promotions is a leading promotional advertising agency that offers unparalleled service and unique mirrors and globes. We specialize in providing the most distinct and high-quality mirrors and globes that will meet any requirement. All of our mirrors, globes, and illuminated pub signs can be custom-tailored to any style, shape, design, or dimension. Our mirrors can be framed with metal, wood, or vacuum-formed plastic. All of the mirrors we offer can be illuminated and specialty printed using various decorating techniques. MRL Promotions offers globes, which are round illuminated lightboxes. These globes can be custom printed on acrylic to display any logo or design. Globes are illuminated and attract attention from your target audience.

We offer our clients an incredible and comprehensive range of mirrors and globes at affordable rates. MRL Promotions has years of experience in supplying many esteemed clients one-of-a-kind mirrors, globes, and illuminated pub signs. We strive to provide our clients with the best mirrors and globes in the industry, which will meet and exceed any of their expectations. Our goal is for our clients to be satisfied every time they work with us.

Please browse through our selection of mirrors and globes here Contact us today to start the process of customizing your own mirror or globe.

Mirrors are a great marketing tool that easily stands out against the competition. MRL Promotions offers our customers high quality and unique POP mirrors. All of our mirrors can be custom-tailored to any style, shape, design, or dimension. Framed with metal or wood, these mirrors can also be illuminated and printed using special decorating techniques.

MRL Promotions offers our clients unique, customized signage that will meet any specification and budget. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing signage for many of our esteemed clients. Contact us today for your own customized sign.