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Aztec Brewery Tap Handle
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Mermaid Tap Handle
Customized Tap Handle with Logo

Tap Handles

An attractive and creative custom tap handle is a great way to make your company stand out against the many other beer companies behind the bar. Enhancing your brand’s visibility with a custom tap handle will undoubtedly create brand awareness, resulting in increased revenue. MRL Promotions is a leader in creating custom tap handles that meet any specifications.

Tap handles can be made of resin, wood, acrylic or ceramic. MRL Promotions can custom design a tap handle in any shape, size, design, or color. Our team of experts will use their knowledge to create a tap handle that will effectively market your brand. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing tap handles, which is why we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality tap handle that meets any budget.

MRL Promotions understands that clients are searching for tap handles that are distinct and impressive in order to stand out against the competition. Every client at MRL Promotions is treated with superior service. We are committed to providing our clients the highest quality, custom-tailored tap handle just as they envisioned. We never compromise on our tap handles by always utilizing supreme materials and cutting-edge technology. MRL Promotions is devoted to creating tap handles that are unique, creative, and innovative for all of our clients while meeting any specification.