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818 Metal Napkin Caddy
Tito's Vodka Wood Napkin Holder
Dos Hombres Wood Napkin Caddy
Acrylic Caddy
Table Napkin Holder
Wooden Bar Caddy
Triangular Napkin Caddy
Custom Napkin Caddy
Wooden Garnish Tray
Spice Condiment Case
Custom Bar Garnish Tray
Custom Condiment Tray
Restaurant Napkin Caddy
Garnish Counter Tray
Bar Caddy
Bacardi Bar Garnish Tray
Condiment Holder
Bottle Opener Condiment Holder

Napkin Caddies & Garnish Trays

Napkin Caddies & Garnish Trays
Custom made napkin caddies are a great way to add a personalized touch to any occasion. Here at MRL Promotions, we can create the perfect caddy for any of our client’s needs. Caddies and garnish trays can be made from wood, plastic, or metal, guaranteed quality. All napkin caddies and garnish trays can be customized by size and color, printed with your name, logo or monogram.

MRL Promotions has years of experience and has provided many of our prestigious clients the excellent service they desire. With the help of our brilliant team, we can help you create your own custom-made napkin caddy.

Using the best quality materials and printing technique we ensure a one of a kind caddy or garnish tray that will grab your customer’s attention. MRL Promotions maintains quality standards and offers a tailored solution at an affordable price. Our napkin caddies can be customized to suit any specifications or budget.