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Custom Bar Signage

Signage is an essential component of any marketing campaign. Signage is the easiest, most direct form of communication between your company and your target audience. Signs attract the attention of the customer because of their size and readability. Various forms of signage can be used depending on your business needs. MRL Promotions specializes in creating signs for many different uses.

Pool Table Lamps

Pool table lamps are an important element of any game room or bar. Pool table lamps are designed to cast an even light over the pool table surface that helps eliminate any unwanted shadows for a seamless game setting. Manufactured from stained glass or plastic, all of our pool table lamps are custom designed in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. MRL Promotions manufactures affordable pool table lamps that do not compromise on quality.


All of the signage created and manufactured by MRL Promotions are made of high-quality materials, guaranteed to last. Our signs are carefully designed by our team of experts specifically per your company needs. Common signage includes clocks, metal signs, and metal tacker signs, wood signs, neon signs, LED and illuminated signs, mirrors, globes, and pool table lamps. Signage is a type of point of purchase, POP signage, and graphics, where your company is directly communicating to your audience your message. Great uses for signs are at any bar or restaurant, office, retail store, or sidewalk. Signage is a very versatile and inexpensive promotional tool.

A-Frames Displays & Chalkboards

A-Frames and sidewalk displays, or sometimes referred to as sidewalk signs, are a cost-effective way to grab the attention of passersby. A-frames and sidewalk displays effectively convey messages to prospective customers about events, sales, new products, and drink specials. MRL Promotions offers an extensive range of customized A-frames and sidewalk displays. Our A-frames and sidewalk signs can be manufactured to meet any size, design, or material. We offer A-frames and sidewalk signs that can be made into dry erase boards or chalkboards made from plastic, wood, or metal. These A-frames and sidewalk displays are durable and lightweight, which make it easy to transport.

Chalkboards and dry erase boards are a perfect promotional tool because each is easily modified to say what your business wants at any given time. MRL Promotions offers a wide range of chalkboards. Our chalkboards can be made into wall signs, A-frame or sidewalk displays. Using a chalkboard A-Frame or sidewalk sign quickly and efficiently promotes your business. All of the chalkboards can be fitted with either wood, metal or plastic. We can custom build your chalkboard to be illuminated with LED lights or include a digital clock, perfect for dark venues such as bars, restaurants, or night clubs. The chalkboards we produce can be customized to meet any shape and size and printed in any color.


Clocks can be found at practically any business, which is why they make such great tools for marketing. MRL Promotions creates clocks to meet any business need. We can make a neon clock that will look great at a bar or we can create a beautiful wood clock for a more traditional look. You can choose a clock that is in stock or custom order a clock to perfectly fit your business and brand. Clocks can be made out of wood, metal or acrylic, which can either be digital clocks or analog clocks. Illuminated and neon clocks are a great option if you’re looking for something more vibrant. Clocks can also be customized to any shape such as surfboards, barrel heads or bottle-shaped. Clocks are a very versatile and inexpensive promotional tool.


Mirrors are a great marketing tool that easily stands out against the competition. MRL Promotions offers our customers high quality and unique POP mirrors. All of our mirrors can be custom-tailored to any style, shape, design or dimension. Framed with metal or wood, these mirrors can also be illuminated and printed using special decorating techniques.

MRL Promotions offers our clients unique, customized signage that will meet any specification and budget. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing signage for many of our esteemed clients. Contact us today for your own customized sign.

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