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Glassware is a key component at any bar, restaurant, event, nightclub or venue. It is necessary to make use of custom glassware to stand out from competition and increase sales. MRL Promotions creates a variety of glassware that will meet any specification and budget. We have many satisfied clients from the liquor, beer and wine industries that can attest to the impeccable glassware that MRL Promotions has provided.

There are many different reasons why a company may benefit from custom glassware. A liquor company may choose to promote a new flavor with a pitcher that showcases the drink. Breweries and beer companies can make use of custom taster glasses, pint glasses, snifter glasses, craft brewery glassware, growlers or mini beer glasses for flights. MRL Promotions can customize champagne flutes and wine glasses for any occasion. There are many options for decorating glassware, such as printed glassware, engraved glassware, etched glassware, and full color printing. Count on MRL Promotions to design and produce glassware that is beautifully crafted for your company.

MRL Promotions is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing unique and durable glassware. We have created custom glassware for many clients in the beer, liquor and wine industries. We put our clients’ satisfaction first, and will always strive to ensure it. To browse through our collection of custom glassware, please visit here.

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Our vision is to bring to our clients the most creative and innovative products at competitive pricing, while keeping quality and customer satisfaction our #1 priority.

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