Coolers are an essential item for stores and events. MRL Promotions custom produces coolers for any occasion. In contrast to ice buckets, barrel coolers and other custom coolers allow more beverages to be chilled and are primarily used in a retail stores or events. Companies use branded coolers as a mean to promote their beverages. With these large canvases they increase brand visibility which can potentially increase sales. We can create coolers to meet any specification or budget.

Coolers come in variety of shapes and sizes. MRL Promotions has designed and custom produced rolling barrel coolers, counter top coolers, inflatable coolers, wood barrel coolers, among others. Our coolers are always available and can be custom printed with any logo or artwork. Our clients have ordered coolers for retail settings as well as bars, night clubs, restaurants, hotels or even tailgating events.

We are an industry leader in creating custom coolers for our clients and would love to assist you in your next project. Experience the best quality materials and high-end printing methods through a but durable custom cooler. Browse some of our work and ideas below and contact a team member today to get started!

  • Barrits-rolling-cooler
  • Fiji-rolling-cooler
  • Heineken-rolling-cooler
  • 7846_g2
  • Customwheeledcooler
  • Fusionenergydrink
  • Cooler-barrel-on-wheels
  • Custom-can-cooler
  • Custom-sports-cooler
  • Inflatable-cooler
  • Plastic-cooler-with-radio
  • Rolling-bottle-cooler
  • Tailgating-ice-cooler-chair
  • Wood-barrel-cooler
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